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La’Shandria Moore Gray (Shaniemaye)
Let your HUSH be HEARD!!!!!!

Born in Los Angeles, California, raised in Mobile, Alabama growing up in the Maysville Community caused her to embrace her humble beginnings. La’Shandria is the proud wife of her high school sweetheart and childhood best friend, Antonio M. Gray, who makes life so much easier because he loves her through all of her flaws and past and takes time to continuously date her. Her mother Aree Gibby Moore is her personal inspiration. She is the second eldest of eight children, a mother  figure to many and believes that Love is what Love does. A God fearing Christian who has a heart and passion for people and desires to see them heal by releasing  their past hurt and bondage. No degrees or extra accolades, but knows and stands firm on her beliefs and is confident that The HUSH Project qualifies her to inspire and empower to the next level of regaining self!!

About The H.U.S.H. Project

The H.U.S.H. Project is a nonprofit organization with the acronym meaning (Help Us Stop Hurting & Start Healing) from our past hurt, worry, pain and anxiety caused from sexual abuse, assault, rape, self-esteem issues and molestation. The H.U.S.H. Project has a solid team of women who have decided to dedicate their time to advocate for women, teens and children that are broken on many levels of hurt all over this country. We shall empower and inspire positive change regardless of race, religion, sex, or age. The sky is the limit for desiring a release from this shackled experience. We shall make a powerful noise by allowing our HUSH to be HEARD!

No more secrecy and wearing masks to cover up the purpose that’s within.

We are seeking sponsors and donations of any source because we have major plans to bring about change in our communities. The ultimate goal is to assist and obtain resources for counseling and therapy by feeling confident in knowing it’s ok to seek help. Stay tuned via web weekly for new and upcoming goals, accomplishments and activities. This is a community movement so as we grow we will be soliciting assistance from staff to facilitators. You never know who’s watching hurting or just need LOVE!!!

Remember we are the Change and it takes a TEAM to complete the DREAM

**Donations Are Appreciated ** Thank you in advance

H.U.S.H. Project Intro

From the heart of the CEO & FOUNDER

Mrs. La’Shandria Moore Gray

The HUSH Project was given to me through self-empowerment and a desperate way to be healed, delivered and set free from the bondage and captivity I allowed to consume me, but with Gods lead and confirmation I put it in to action. Growing up in a house with a family whose motto was “What goes on in this house stays in this house” which is a very popular cliché in so many families. It caused me to suffer and believe just that. A mystery of HUSH!

However, my story is a little different, because I was that bubbly girl known as “Shaniemaye” who was rooted in the church, active in the community, popular, and kept an entourage everywhere I went. I was always smiling and the life of the party while yet trying to disguise the real hurt. I felt if I kept people entertained the hurt would disappear and the pain would vanish.

When I would return home the hurt, guilt, anger, sadness and other emotions occurred because I knew I would have to re-live the detrimental encounters all over again when my mom would go to work and drop us off at grandma’s house.

The monster was awaiting me and my pure innocence weekly. As a child I would question if there was really a God, saying you’re supposed to protect me, so why was this happening? I would pray and cry but it never stopped. I gave up on my faith and trust in God and people because as a child the people that are supposed to love and protect you did the opposite and I became a bit rebellious in my own way.

When it finally stopped at the age of 14 I felt a strong sense of relief. I would use my music to cope, but whenever I would lead a song I would cry, because the molestation scares seemed to appear while ministering in worship, not realizing it was God all along confirming he was still the same God, yesterday, today and forever more!

Now that I’m 33 in age, my passion is to reach as many hurting women, little girls and teenagers all over the country and implant positive seeds of growth so they can understand they have value, purpose and destiny regardless of the past hurt encountered.

Our HUSH will be HEARD

Our Silence will become BROKEN

Our Past will become a PURPOSE

This is your HUSH PROJECT so get ready for the move!!